Welcome to Australian Civil Industries

Australian Civil Industries has a simple yet powerful vision – to expertly support the needs of the civil construction industry through the provision of premium equipment and skilled personnel. We provide a diverse range of resources from plant, labour, equipment & trucking hire to the development and construction of a wide range of civil projects.

Our Services


ACI is committed to supplying quality labour hire to the civil and building construction industries to suit a wide range of projects.

ACI understands that experience, professionalism and dedication are the keys to ensuring your projects are completed to budget and schedule. Our staff are skilled, motivated, and dedicated to ensuring the successful and timely completion of our clients’ projects.


ACI recruitment provide consultants have an in depth knowledge of the Construction & Civil industry job markets and source only the highest quality candidates. 


ACI also have an extensive of plant & trucking hire as well as an diverse range of equipment.

ACI choose to hold only the most reliable high-quality equipment, we constantly monitor and maintain each piece to ensure the highest standards in safety and functionality.